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Documentary Film: Black Women Photographers
lauri lyons
Feb 12, 2022
Dear Friends,

Celebrate Black History Month by spreading the good news about a new film project that I am honored to be featured in. The Sound She Saw is a documentary film about Black women photographers.

The cast of photographers includes Lauri Lyons, Jeanne Moutoussamy-Ashe, Adrienne Waheed, Dana Scruggs, Fabiola Jean-Louis, Renee Cox, and Marielle Bobo. Watch the film trailer. The Emmy Award-Winning Producer and Director, Crystal Whaley, explores the question; What happens when a Black woman photographer has the agency and the control to reverse the gaze and see the world through her unique lens?

The film exquisitely weaves the stories and images of Black women photographers challenging the status quo. The Sound She Saw was inspired by the critically acclaimed photo books Viewfinders: Black Women Photographers and MFON: Woman Photographers of the African Diaspora.

For more information and upcoming screenings please view The Sound She Saw website.The Sound She Saw Trailer
The Sound She Saw is a documentary feature film featuring Black women photographers inspired by critically acclaimed photo books Viewfinders: Black Women Photographers…

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